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Receive Investment

In 2019, the Inside Venture Capital study, from Distrito Dataminer, point that around 62% of investment rounds in Brazil were concentrated in Crowdfunding and venture capital investment in the Pre-Seed and Seed stages.

GoldStreet Venture Capital believes that it can provide greater returns to its investors by investing in these stages and gives the entrepreneur the option to raise funds through the venture capital fund or the crowdfunding platform.

The first step in this process is to send us your Pitch Deck so that we can make an initial analysis of the opportunity and see how it is suited to our investment thesis.

Send the Pitch Deck for:


We will analyze your information and we will contact you informing the result of this first analysis and what are the next steps.

 If you need more information before submitting your Pitch Deck, contact us.



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GoldStreet is much more than an investment fund, a hands-on smart money. It helped us to restructure and remodel our business model. Participation in events promoted by NwC+ (promoted by GoldStreet), connected us to the professionals who were missing from our commercial and marketing team; and to large companies in the market. It also fostered a partnership with a management company that has artificial intelligence tools in the area (governance, finance, accounting and compliance). In addition, the experience with the mentoring of one of the fund partners who participated in the construction of two unicorns: iFood and Westwing, led us to a different view of new opportunities for our company.