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In a scenario of low interest rates (Selic rate at 2% per year since 08/05/2020 and with a downward trend), the investors begins to understand, and especially to accept, that investments have changed and If they want to have a considerably profit above inflation, they need to have greater exposure to risk.

With this growth in risk investment, the numbers of venture capital have been performing and being a good option for investments above R$ 25,000.00.

At the same trend, crowdfunding is an option for those who are available to invest from R$ 1,000.00, allowing participation in startups that can generate a multiplication of the invested capital, generating a positive social impact.

According to data from the Inside Venture Capital study, from Distrito Dataminer (2019), in just two years, investment in startups in Brazil almost tripled (in dollars).

The same study points out that, in 2019, about 62% of the investment rounds were concentrated in Crowdfunding, Pre-Seed and Seed, an investment range that GoldStreet Venture Capital believes brings the greatest return to the capital of our investors.

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