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About Us

The GoldStreet Venture Capital

Goldstreet Venture Capital was born of a God-inspired dream that become true.

Over the past few years, each of our partners has been introduced and impacted by models such as BaM (Business as Mission) and Kingdom Business through lectures, cases and visits to companies that have already implemented these models.

In this way, the seed of the Goldstreet project was carefully placed in our hearts, and since then He has brought together amazing people in amazing ways just as He is!

In 2015, our CEO Gustavo was given the clear mission of entrepreneurship, helping entrepreneurs transform their companies into intentional businesses, having a positive social impact on their community, city, country and / or the world!

And in this way God led us, “pivoting” the project to the present model.

Thus, we are the first Venture Capital in Brazil based on Christian precepts whose mission is to monetize and give purpose to the capital invested by our investors, with the intention of impacting people’s lives and generating positive social and environmental impact.

This story is written by our mentors, partners and true friends who support us, dreamed and dream this project with us.

The Partners

Gustavo Ipolito Jr.

Married, two children, graduated in Information Systems, Executive MBA in Business Management from FGV-SP, entrepreneur, partner and director of Social Comm Serviços e Tecnologia. He worked at several highly innovative multinational companies such as IBM, Xerox and Siemens. He was General Sales Manager of the Log & Print / Print Laser Group, creating the largest printcenter in Latin America. He was commercial director for the financial market at WCS. He is a mentor of social business at Bluefields and a mentor of entrepreneurs seeking purposeful exponential growth. Founder and CEO of GoldStreet Venture Capital.

Paulo Humaitá

Married, graduated in Economics from UEL, specialist in Management and Strategy from PUC and Master in Business Development from Univers. Presbyterian Mackenzie. He was a Corporate Finance Partner and Business Developer at Novozymes in the biofuels industry. Selected by the Lausanne Movement at YLG16, 10-year global program with young mission leaders. Co-founder and CEO of startup accelerator Bluefields.

Dennis Nakamura

​Married, graduated in Environmental Engineering from Poli-USP and specialist in project finance from FGV. In 2008, he helped found an NGO to support more than 2,500 young students from over 9 cities to find the best way to pursue their careers. As one of the managers of the Westwing Home & Living unicorn (partial IPO in Frankfurt in 2018), he helped increase profit margins and enhance the consumer’s buying experience. Already as one of the managers and partners of iFood S / A, helped to achieve the breakeven and reach the mark of $ 2 billion per year. He is currently a startup mentor at Oracle Brasil and accelerator Bluefields, a career mentor at Poli-USP, a partner at Relp Acceleradora de Restaurantes and other startups.​

Our Mentors

Daniel Izzo

Andréa Oliveira

Pr. Rivanildo Guedes

João Mordomo

Startups Mentors

Douglas Yamashita

Fernando Mattoso Lemos

Guilherme Pereira

Marcelo Torres

Tania Moura

Ricardo Helfer

Daniel Pfannemüller

Ricardo Voltan

Arthur Bezerra

Daniel Ferrari

Daniel Delabio

Prof. Claudio Larieira

Our Business Partners

The Ecosystem