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GoldStreet Venture Capital

I n v e s t m e n t s    t h a t    R E A L L Y    m a t t e r

1st Latin American Fund with intentionality, values and Christian principles integrated to the business, helping in the creation and consolidation of the Brazilian ecosystem of "Kingdom Business".

Our services

We boosted the growth of startups by applying all the experience of GoldStreet's partners and mentors, aiming at multiplying the financial resources of our investors. But not only that, we make it easier for purposeful entrepreneurs to play their part, generating positive impacts on society and environment.

Sleek & Beautiful


With our partnerships, methodologies, knowledge and, mainly, experience, we help startups to prepare themselves to follow the path of growth, making less mistakes and correcting in a practical and quick way. We provide Startups with the necessary support to prepare themselves to receive investment, reducing risks and enhancing the return to investors.